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Changing the face of mining in Mongolia

Thiess’ Erdenetsetseg Narantsatsralt is part of the first wave of women legally allowed to work underground in Mongolia.

In late 2017, new legislation passed enabling women to be employed as underground operators.
As part of their commitment to gender equality, Thiess’ Mongolia team have been working with local women from South Gobi to upskill and promote opportunities.
Erdenetsetseg is one of three women employed by Thiess this year after undergoing extensive role and safety training.
All three women are now qualified to operate equipment and undertake daily operator duties.
"I am very happy to work with experienced miners. I will do my best to be an experienced female miner in the future," Erdenetsetseg said.
Thiess Executive Director Mongolia and member of Mongolia’s Diversity and Inclusion working group Leon Coetzer said his team were working hard to encourage better gender balance.
"CIMIC is a global company with diversity and inclusion strategies throughout the global business including Mongolia," Leon said.
"It's a big step forward for females being permitted to work underground in Mongolia.
"As a business, we continue supporting the diversity and inclusion strategy at OT C2S Project by aiming to recruit more female operators and training them to the highest possible standards."