Growth into the 1990s

1990 - Western Ring road

Thiess continues its involvement on the civil engineering front, constructing kilometres of roads and bridges and major infrastructure including the Western Ring Road in Victoria. The three-lane dual-carriage freeway was the first major freeway in Australia to use recycled concrete for base pavement construction.

1990 - Little Manly Point

The Little Manly Point gasworks site remediation contract is awarded. At the completion of this project, the land was developed into safe, usable public space.

1991 - BHP Port Kembla

Thiess Services is awarded the contract for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of BHP’s Port Kembla Steelworks Wastewater Recycling Facility in New South Wales.

1991 - Junee correctional centre

The Australasian Correctional Services consortium is established by Thiess and Australasian Correctional Management to design, construct and manage the Junee Correctional Centre – the first privately designed, built and operated prison in Australia.

1991 - Dawesville channel

With this contract in Western Australia, Thiess starts to move away from traditional contracting to take on the role of developer, project initiator and financier/facilitator.

1992 - Balikpapan training and development centre

Thiess Indonesia establishes the Balikpapan Training and Development Centre in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan to overcome a shortage of skilled local labour. Today the facility is one of the largest in the country and personnel receive Australian TAFE qualifications.

1992 - Cullen Bay marina

Thiess provides management services for civil works at Cullen Bay, a prestigious marina and residential development in Northern Territory.

1993 - Melbourne water board maintenance services

Thiess' services division commences long-term relationships with Melbourne Water and South East Water. Both contracts are extended in 1996, including the addition of a new fleet fitted with the latest in GPS technology and real-time data reporting.

1994 - Prince of Wales hospital

Signalling a strong move into the healthcare market, this contract included construction of the six-storey Acute Services building, with two floors of basement car parking and four floors of Acute Services.

1994 - First mining partnership agreement

Thiess signs the first partnering agreement in the industry for the Mt Owen Coal Mine. The contract is for the design, construction and commissioning of the process plant and all mine infrastructure. The subsequent contract to operate the mine in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales extends to today.

1995 - Burton coal mine

Thiess provides a fully integrated total service solution including the design, construction and operation of the Burton Coal Mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

1995 - Newlands coal mine

Thiess becomes the first contractor to undertake underground development work for the mine owner.

1995 - Hydrographic business

Hydrographic Services Group from the Rural Water Corporation of Victoria is acquired.

1996 - Maralinga rehabilitation project

Thiess Environmental Services is contracted to carry out rehabilitation of the Maralinga Nuclear Test site in South Australia. The project, involving excavation and burial of radioactive contaminated material, is of a size and complexity never before attempted in Australia. This project goes on to win two National Case Earth Awards for environmental best practice, with United Energy in Victoria.

1996 - Collinsville coal mine

Thiess is the first contractor to operate an established mine on behalf of the mine owner. The open-cut mine is located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

1996 - Olympic dam expansion project

Thiess is appointed principal contractor on the underground expansion of the Olympic Dam mine, which contains one of the world’s largest ore bodies producing copper, uranium, gold and silver. The expansion project is reported to be one of the largest and most complex projects in Australia.

1996 - Sydney Olympics site

Thiess Environmental Services is the largest remediation contractor on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games site at Homebush Bay.

Thiess then goes on to build the Homebush Bay Exhibition Hall as part of the Sydney Olympics preparations. It is the largest dome of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

1997 - Sydney Olympics infrastructure development

Thiess continues its involvement in the Sydney 2000 Olympics preparation with construction of roads, services and landscaping at the Homebush Bay site.

1997 - Balambano dam

Thiess is awarded the construction of Balamabano Dam in Indonesia, the largest roller-compacted concrete dam in the Southern Hemisphere.

1997 - Matahina dam strengthening

Thiess reconstructs and strengthens the existing Matahina Dam in New Zealand to meet earthquake standards. Works comprise bulk earth works and construction of a leakage resistant zone.

1998 - Ansett terminal redevelopment Sydney airport

Thiess commences work on the Ansett Domestic Terminal Upgrade, necessary to cater for the anticipated increase in passengers for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

1999 - Silcar communications

Thiess acquires a 50% stake in Silcar, in a joint venture with leading global technology company, Siemens. Silcar is responsible for Telstra’s national telepower contract for the design, construction and maintenance of power supply to 36,000 installations.

1999 - Corporate office moves

Thiess’ Corporate office relocates from its premises at Archerfield to the newly constructed building at 179 Grey Street, South Bank in Brisbane.

1999 - Multinet gas

The Multinet Gas contract win, with United Energy in Victoria, opens up a new field of utilities infrastructure.